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It is middle end of march and it is more complicated to sleep long in the morning, because birds will begin their “spring concert“ around six o´clock every morning when first daylight is out. One hour more and the sun is shining over the mountains. Andorra has about 300 sunny days in the year and it is counted one of most sunny country with resorts. This is very nice for everyone who loves snow sport. And all Andorra is full of that kind of happy people all around the ski season.

In northern countries in wintertime sometimes you feel that clouds are so low and pushing you also lower, that sometimes you just don´t want to get up from the bed because you don´t see the daylight. In Andorra it is not happening.

Through Andorra La Vella runs the river Valira and in the middle of the city there is a beautiful alley of blossoming cherry trees on the both riverbanks. It is just a magnificent walk there. People who are visiting this country at this time of the year are comparing this beauty with Japan. In the river, which will be smaller in the summer,  there are also fishes. I don´t know exactly what kind of fishes, but you can see fishermen with all equipment standing there.

Many joggers are passing you with a short sportswear, big playground for kids in the park next to alley is also full and some adults are lying on the green grass. Dog owners, pure satisfaction at their faces, are walking with their dogs. Somehow it doesn´t feel that it is just ordinary working day. Nearly everybody have siesta (even one grocery store of considerable size in La Massana  is closed from 12:30-16:00), a time for yourself to eat and rest, to do your jogging or walk with the dog, to be able to come back to work later with pleasure. I like this lifestyle. It may be one of many reasons why the life expectancy in Andorra is one of the highest in the world.

But for you I wish a beautiful enjoyable spring!


Andorra La Vella Cherry Trees



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