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Siiri´s Andorra Blog Restaurant Borda d´Erts

We all love to eat good.

My first restaurant review will be about one of my favorite place here in Andorra until now. When you will drive from La Massana towards Arinsal, you will find this restaurant from the small village of Erts just at the roundabout. It is called Borda d´Erts. Untill the years 1975/1976 it was a farm. Then apparently this place got through huge make-over and became a restaurant. Now this restaurant belongs already 9 years to one family who are originally from Portugal. I don´t have information about this place how it did look like before this family got it, but now it is small, very cozy place with rustic stonewalls and big wooden beams. It has an open fireplace and old pictures of the local history (unfortunately not from this restaurant itself) on the walls. When you sit at the table, you will smell the scent of old times and when David, son of this family who usually serves the customers, is moving around, you will hear the floor crack.

Everywhere in Andorra you feel welcome in every dining place, bar, pub, everywhere. In this restaurant we have become frequent visitors so that between us and this family it is now more like friendship.

It has been a working day and when we arrive there it is a little bit too early. We usually eat quite early that is why there are not so many customers yet. But at the weekends the situation is completely different. When you haven´t booked a table in advance you can find yourself behind the door with big apologies and with empty stomach.

We will get a nice table and suddenly I can hear my stomach complaining quite loud about hunger. We will choose a bottle of house red wine, duck breast and entrecote. With wine comes starter and at this plate there are tomatoes, garlic what you can peel and slice yourself, dried sausage, olives and warm crispy white bread. I am complete fan of garlic and don´t mind later the odor at my fingers. So you can combine yourself what will you eat and with what.

Chef de cuisine, the father of this family, at this time when we have enjoyed the wine, starter and cozy conversation has prepared delicious plates for us. Borda d´Erts is specialized for carns a la brasa I a la pedra – meat grilled at the fire or at the hot stone.  As in every self-respecting restaurant are here also different levels of grilled meat. We will choose ´´well done´´. David is taking care of us all this time tirelessly. Quite a few minutes we will skip chat and concentrate only to tastes. Unfortunately there is no place for a dessert anymore. After we have spent a very nice evening we paid and got digestive shots.

Purity and simplicity of this place enchants me every time. For sure nobody will be disappointed of visiting this restaurant. Smile at our faces, with happy stomach and complete satisfaction we say good bye and promise to come back. This promise is easy to fulfill.

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