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Siiri´s Andorra Blog

Dear reader. You probably agree with me when I claim: if you think you have been through a lot of things in your life and have seen all, then there are starting happen things in your life, from what you didn`t had a gray clue before.

When I thought a while ago that i will stay forever as a patriot of my country, that this way is honest and the only possible way to one citizen to do so, then Life sent me to work abroad.

When I had time to get used to this gradually, that so what: better salary and I will somehow manage with this commuting between home and work, I met the love of my life there abroad and Life thought: let it be even more homes for you from now on. So it is not so boring to commute only in between two destinations. It has been so now for a little bit more than four years now.

Now I really have homes more than one. And I have got used with this rapid lifestyle. Enter from one airport and exit from another one. The Life was right: it has not been boring at all since then.

Altogether because of my work and also of the benefit of my work I had many possibilities to go around the world, see different things and people, different cultures and behavioral patterns. Most of the things I had need for living I had fitted to my suitcase for nearly fifteen years. I have been used to the busy crowded airports, long queues and delayed flights.


There is one absolutely lovely place in this world. The tiny Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees. Visited once we had come on and on back in here. This country did speak to me that much that for today one of my homes is precisely here.

In Andorra you as though forget that it is the country. It feels rather bigger village where everyone know everyone. It is like living together in one big rhythm. It is affecting also all the tourists who are transiting through this country every day. They also like to be in this cozy relaxation. Everybody has a good mood. Everybody has time. No one is rushing and no one is upset when you seem to have more time than the others behind you. You will meet benevolence and trust on every step. It is so nice that I thought to share it with you.

In this blog I try to survey step by step different dining places, different activities and possibilities what this country has to offer.

I wish you a good reading and that you gain an idea of this nice country.