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Siiri´s Andorra Blog Anyos Park

Thank you for reading me, you are more than welcome.

Spring is in the air. For me personally it is the most pleasant time of the year. Even the air you are breathing all the time seems different. You can feel and notice the awakenings is everywhere in the nature. The snow is still there in the mountains, but the swallows are here already to prepare the nest, you hear the other birds sing as soon as there is daylight and when you go to Andorra La Vella you see the cherry trees blossoming everywhere.

One of most pleasant activities for lot of people is swimming and using SPA facilities. In La Massana there is Anyós Park which is offering these possibilities. There are many more things also like gym, different cycling trainings, different types of yoga, Pilates, etc. We were concentrated specifically on swimming and spa. There is a big pool with 50m lanes and at a separate floor another other pool with two 25m lane and six different types of water massages. There are also two saunas: steam sauna and dry sauna; and also a Jacuzzi with hot water.

We decided that after half of day skiing at the mountains neither of us would complain of relaxing muscles there and we packed swimming stuff bought previously. Two things are mandatory: flip flops and swimming cap. This is primarily to keep the place clean. In this country where I am originally coming from the cap is not mandatory and the honor to wear it in spa was first time to me.

In capital city Andorra La Vella there is one nice shop named Basar d`Orient. It is the shop with the cheap goods and where you can find nearly everything except food.  So then I headed for this shop and was soon happy owner of our flip flops (the prices are from 4-8 €). With the swimming caps the things didn´t went so well in this shop, so I bought them after short searching from medium size mall E-Lerclerc. 4.75€ for a cap. I did buy also my swimming suit. For the person who wants to buy swimwear from Andorra I recommend to try them right on the spot, because the sizes can be too small. And the shop may not change them for you after. I didn´t do that, according to the eye it was ok, but at home unfortunately it was clear that it was not. Before of going to Anyós Park I was lucky and they did the exception so I got it changed.  Maybe they felt sorry for me after seeing my perplexed face.

So: we packed our things and drove to Anyós Park. A few days earlier we already had visited this place to the spa reception. So we knew already the ticket for adults 18€ and children from 6 years until 17 years 9€. And for this price you can stay as long as this place is open. You can rent towels as well, but we took ours with us. Then you need 1€ coin for one locker where you can put your stuff (except footwear, these you can leave under the bench in front of the lockers).

Headed to the swimming area, first thing you notice is the magnificent view on the mountains threw the huge windows. Then just few steps and you lie in a bed, bubbling, inside the pool and look at his view and think: life is still beautiful, no matter what. Water is caressing your muscles and eyes are resting with this view. Suddenly even chatting between you and your friends does not seem important anymore. Words seem to be unnecessary and it is just as good as it is right now.

After being there a few hours and enjoying all what they had to offer (to be honest, water makes miracles and over this time you can´t resist much longer) we did pack our bodies again in to all clothing and counted ourselves as “well cooked“. Skiing plus spa equals excellent combination for good sleeping. Highly recommend. Even without the skiing. 😉